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Yuba County

  General Plan Update




About the Yuba County General Plan
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General Plan Contents

A General Plan consists of seven required “Elements” or chapters. These “Elements” describe the Goals, Policies, Objectives, has regarding that particular topic, as well as methods of Implementation the County will use to attempt to meet those goals. The seven required “Elements” include:


  • Land Use
  • Circulation
  • Open Space
  • Conservation
  • Housing
  • Noise
  • Safety


If it chooses to, a jurisdiction can add “Optional Elements” if there is an issue that is of special importance to the community. In Yuba County’s current General Plan, there is an “Agriculture Element” due to the elevated status agriculture holds in the community.


Land Use


Designates the location, general intensity, and use of the land for agricultural, housing, commercial, industrial, public facilities, open space, and other uses. This element includes a Land Use Map that shows the distribution of the various land uses.




Indicates the location in the County for existing and proposed roadways, and identifies bikeways, railroads, transit, and other mobility systems. This element is correlated to the Land Use Element.




Identifies the community's housing needs and provides strategies for the production of housing for current and future residents of Yuba County.




Addresses the conservation and utilization of natural, cultural, historical, and archeological resources within the community, including water, soils, minerals, air quality, as well as plant and animal resources.


Open Space


Identifies open space resources in the community and strategies for protection and preservation of these resources.




Identifies existing and potential noise sources within the community and strategies to minimize the exposure of residents to noise and to mitigate noise impacts to the extent feasible.




Plans for the welfare and safety of the citizens and their property by identifying and mitigating potential effects of natural and man-made disasters, including, but not limited to, flooding, fires, geologic hazards and hazardous materials.




Identifies agricultural resources in the community and strategies for protection and preservation of agriculture.  Promotes the County's desire to support the economic viability of the agricultural economy and implement ways to minimize conflicts on the urban-agricultural edges.