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About the Yuba County General Plan
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Advisory Committee

The General Plan Update Advisory Committee is a 16-person panel chosen by the Yuba County Board of Supervisors to assist County staff during the General Plan Update.


These individuals, representing a broad cross-section of interests throughout the County, will examine the various issues that will contribute to the General Plan and provide input through collaboration.


The members of the Committee are:


  • Glenn Adams

District 4

  • Ilene Jacobs

Rural Calif. Legal

  • E. Frank Cook

District 1

  • Charles Mathews

Yuba Sutter Farm Bureau

  • Darin Gale

BIA No. California

  • Doug Sloan

District 4

  • Joni Gerry

Beale AFB

  • Dan Sullivan

District 3

  • Glen Harris

District 2

  • John Taylor

District 3

  • Luther Hintz

District 5

  • Richard Teagarden

Office of Education

  • Claudia Hollis

District 2

  • Cory Wilkins

Middle Mtn. Foundation

  • Evelyn Irusta

District 1

  • Brian Williams

District 5

All Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public
and information on Future GPU Advisory Meetings found here.